iPhone 14 Pro’s pill-shaped hole might have a circular one for company

What you need to know

  • A new tweet by display analyst Ross Young suggests iPhone 14 Pro will have two cutouts to replace the notch.
  • A round hole is expected to sit beside the previously rumored pill-shaped cutout.
  • The new hole is expected to house the Face ID dot projector.

It might have three by this time tomorrow.

Rumors of what the upcoming iPhone 14 camera situation will look like keep on coming. While we were fairly convinced that a pill-shaped cutout would replace the notch on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, a new report points to a circular hole sitting alongside it.

That report comes via display analyst Ross Young who not only says that a circular hole will join the pill-shaped one but also has a photo to go with it.

It’s thought that the circular hole will play hose to the Face ID dot projector while the pill-shaped one will house the front-facing camera and Face ID infrared camera.

While such a design seems cluttered or unwieldy at first blush, there might actually be a method to Apple’s madness here. It’s possible that by doing something unusual it will continue to be easy to differentiate an iPhone in the same way a notch also made possible. A hole and pill shape will likely replace the notch on all of Apple’s glyphs, for example.

This latest round of leaks continues to make iPhone 14 Pro one of the more interesting releases of 2022, assuming they turn out to be accurate. Love it or hate it, there’s no doubt that a new look would grab attention. And the best iPhone is always one that gets people talking — especially in terms of free advertising for Apple.

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iPhone 14 Pro’s pill-shaped hole might have a circular one for company

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