Tile acquired, mouse vs trackpad, 35 great Mac apps & utilities on the AppleInsider Podcast

On the AppleInsider Podcast, your hosts round up our favorite Mac apps and utilities, location tracking service Life360 acquires Tile to compete with Apple’s Find My network, and we debate the pros and cons of using a mouse or trackpad.

Location tracking service Life360 recently acquired tracker hardware maker Tile. Tile will retain its brand identity, but gain a larger network to further compete with Apple’s Find My network and AirTag device.Next, we discuss the pros and cons over using Apple’s Magic Trackpad versus the Magic Mouse. Compared to other accessories, like the Logitech MX Master 3 mouse, Apple’s peripherals can be less ergonomic and lack additional function buttons. On the other hand, Apple’s mouse and trackpad offer multi-finger gestures and low profile designs that suit some people more.

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