Twitter’s working on a fix for iOS 15 devices being randomly logged out

What you need to know

  • Twitter is aware of a bug that causes iOS 15 devices to be logged out.
  • While Twitter doesn’t know why the bug is happening, it says it’s already working on a fix.
  • Logouts seem to be happening at random.

“We’ll keep you updated on the fix.”

Social network Twitter says that it is aware of a bug that is causing some people to be logged out of the app for no reason, with those people all seemingly using iOS 15. It isn’t immediately clear what’s going on, but Twitter says that it is already working to try and fix the issue.

We’re looking into a bug that’s causing unexpected logouts on iOS 15. Sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll keep you updated on the fix.

While reports of the issue seem to be surprisingly muted, Twitter is at least aware of whatever is happening — suggesting the issues are widespread enough to have gotten the company’s attention. Unfortunately, there is no telling how long a fix will take, or indeed whether it will require an app update or if something is amiss on Twitter’s servers that in turn causes apps to sign people out.

While some may argue that Twitter isn’t the best iPhone app around right now, it’s surely the most-used one. That means that the potential user pool for those who are having this issue is huge.

Twitter will likely update everyone via its Twitter Support account once things are fixed or, at least, once the problem has been identified. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled and ears open for more news. In the meantime, maybe the next time you’re logged out could be a good time to maybe take a break from Twitter.

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