iPhone 13’s ordered through reported breach of digital carrier Visible

“I was just hacked! They sent themselves a phone and changed my address!”

What you need to know

  • Customers of Verizon’s digital carrier Visible are reporting that their accounts have been compromised.
  • Many say that iPhones have been ordered to different addresses using their payment information.

Customers of Verizon’s digital carrier Visible are reporting a serious breach of their accounts that has seen fraudulent users order iPhone 13 models to alternative addresses using their payment details.

The complaints were noted by XDA Developers on both Reddit and Twitter:

Social media sites, especially the Visible subreddit, are currently flooded with reports of Visible accounts being hijacked. In most cases, the email address associated with the account is reset by an unknown attacker, then the payment method on the account is used to order a phone.

One user on Reddit wrote “Dude my account got hacked and they shipped out an iPhone 13 worth 1k that was taken from my PayPal. I am fuming! The same thing happened to someone else who had only been signed up to Visible for a day. They had ordered an iPhone through the website and woke up the next morning to find the email address on their account had been changed and that the shipping address had been amended such that the iPhone would be shipped somewhere else.

Multiple other users are also reporting similar breachers, but Visible is yet to respond to the issue. At this time the nature of the breach is totally uncleared, it could represent a data breach for Visible, or perhaps rely on login information obtained from elsewhere. At least one person, however, said that their password had been randomly generated by bitwarden, suggesting the latter could be unlikely.

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