Brewster is circling your island, but who is he and what does he do?

Brewster is circling the island, so be sure to brush up on your coffee knowledge!

Finally! The moment that all Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans have been waiting for has come. Nintendo announced during the September 2021 Direct that there would indeed be a big update for the game on the… horizon. (Sorry.) What’s more, there’s going to be a whole direct covering everything coming to New Horizons on Oct. 15, 2021.

Of course, we’re not going into this new direct empty-handed. There were some pretty strong hints indicating that a fan-favorite character is circling the neighborhood, and it’s Brewster and The Roost. Fans have been anticipating the arrival of the Roost Café.

It has long been rumored that this coffee-serving pigeon would be making his way to Nook’s Island getaway, but if you’re new to the series, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, no worries. Sit back, grab a cup o’ joe, and read all about Brewster and what his coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons could mean.

Who is Brewster?

Brewster is an NPC who was first introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World. He’s a blue rock dove, otherwise known as a pigeon, and he’s identified by his distinct look: small round glasses, black mustache, and butler-esque style. He also has the voice of a grumpy villager. Brewster may be a bit stand-offish at first, but he’s very friendly once you get to know him. Plus, he’s always around to serve up piping hot beverages for your villager and everyone else in your quaint little town.

This sharp-dresser can be found working the Roost Café, but the location changes depending on which Animal Crossing game you’re playing. Brewster appears in Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf. His coffee shop is usually in the museum, or you can unlock it via the Public Works Project in New Leaf. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, he does have his own amiibo card.

Brewster’s role in Animal Crossing

Depending on which game you’re playing, Brewster takes on a slightly different role. In general, he does the same thing, which is serve up coffee. In Wild World, Brewster gives players coffee once a day, and he will be around for special visitors, villagers, and of course, K.K. Slider. After you buy coffee a few times, he’ll offer up new drinks, including Pigeon Milk, or even… sugar!

In City Folk, if you drink several scalding hot coffees, Brewster will eventually offer to store some Gyroids for you, which are decor that dance and create different sounds when activated. In past games, players could dig them up after snow or rain, and there are plenty to collect. Once Brewster warms up to you, he will offer to store one of every kind.

Finally, in New Leaf, players can add Brewster’s shop via the Public Works Project. Once built, players can earn take-out options and even a part-time job after steady coffee consumption. Once an employee, players could earn gifts by making the perfect coffee for other NPCs and villagers. These gifts could be anything from café-inspired furniture to coffee beans.

What does this mean for New Horizons?

So, what does any of this mean for Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Well, a lot! Adding Brewster and the Roost can add a whole new level to the game that needs a little shaking up. It’s a chance to give other villagers on the island a little more personality since players have complained that all of them seem pretty vanilla.

In New Leaf, chatting with villagers and discovering their distinct coffee order was a fun little mini-game. Adding it to New Horizons could provide a breath of fresh air to the recycled content and allow players to really get to know the other villagers and NPCs on their island getaway.

Another possibility with Brewster is the return of Gyroids. Since one of his functions in City Folk was to store Gyroids, this would be one more thing players could start collecting. Plus, it’s about time the developers added back the funky decor with the mad beats.

Simply put, adding Brewster and the Roost is an excellent opportunity to add fresh content to a game that has pretty much grown stale.

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Oct. 15 is rapidly approaching, and fans are greatly anticipating what’s in store. Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see if this expansion lives up to our high expectations.

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