ActiveTab comes to iPad to fix Safari’s tabs there, too

What you need to know

  • ActiveTab has come to iPad, making it easier to see which tab is active in the new Safari.
  • The Safari extension is already popular on the Mac.

Taking the guesswork out of tabs.

Less than a week ago I told you about ActiveTab, a new Safari extension that made it easier to tell which tab was active despite the new Safari interface. Now that same extension has made its way to iPad — and it’s here to fix Safari’s tabs there, too.

The issue with iPadOS 15‘s Safari is similar to that on the Mac — discerning which tab is active isn’t as easy as it should be. ActiveTab fixes that by putting a strip of color beneath the tab that’s currently live. It’s a simple fix, but it’s an effective one. And just like on the Mac, people can customize the color of the strip as well as how thick it is, too.

Whether Apple will make the new Safari tabs easier to differentiate in the future, nobody knows. But for a couple of dollars, you can fix the problem right here and right now — a bargain, no doubt. And all you need to do is grab an app from the App Store!

Anyone who wants to fix their Safari tabs can download Active Tab from the App Store for $1.99 right now. It’s worth every penny. If you still want greater differentiation from your tabs, be sure to disable the “Show color in tab bar” Safari option, too.

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