It could take decades to regulate big tech

The fight between the U.S. government and big tech companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google could take years to progress, with efforts to curtail the activities of the multinational organizations expected to progress at a glacial pace.

Big tech has seen more intense criticism in the last week courtesy of Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, in an argument that underlined the need for closer scrutiny of the firms at the top of the tech industry. However, the fight to regulate those companies will be a long and drawn-out affair, with various hurdles in the way of progress.Framed as a “Big Tobacco moment” by Senator Richard Blumenthal, the leak has prompted for calls for Congress to focus on regulatory measures that impact Facebook and further afield. These ideas include removing some protections from tech companies to penalize the amplification of hateful speech, writes the New York Times, to forcing more disclosure on data usage and algorithms, and even the creation of a new federal agency.

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