Poll: Did you buy an Apple Watch Series 7?

Lots of you said you would…

The Apple Watch Series 7 is now available for pre-order and many customers are already getting their hands on the best Apple Watch Series 7 deals. Last week we took a poll to see what buyer intentions were like, and there were some very interesting results. Now pre-orders are upon us, lets see how many of you went through with it, or if anyone changed their mind last-minute.

Last week we asked folks if they were going to buy an Apple Watch Series 7. Of more than 3,300 respondents, 33% said they would be upgrading to the Series 7 from an older model of Apple Watch than the Series 6. 17% said they would be keeping their Series 6, and 16% said they’d be hanging onto their older model. 14%, surprisingly, plan to make the Series 7 their first Apple Watch, and 13% are planning to upgrade after just one year with the Series 6. Less than 5% said they wouldn’t be buying one.

So how did the weekend play out? Let us know in the poll whether you took the plunge with one of the Series 7 models, or if you took the opportunity to pick up an older and cheaper Watch like the SE or even the Series 3.

The newest flagship Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 7

Bigger, brighter, slightly better

From $399 at Apple
From $399 at Amazon

You can buy the Apple Watch from Amazon if you prefer. Just remember you may be limited to only certain band combinations and models on Amazon. Plus, it’s possible they will have less stock than buying from Apple directly.

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