Viber brings disappearing messages to group chats for the first time

What you need to know

  • Viber users can now create messages that disappear, even in group chats.
  • The feature is rolling out to iPhone users now.

People will also be notified should someone else take a screenshot of their disappearing message.

Cross-platform messaging app Viber has announced that it is making disappearing messages available in group chats starting today. The feature was previously only an option for one-on-one chats.

The move is one that other companies like WhatsApp have been keen to make, allowing people to send messages that disappear after a set amount of time. In the case of Viber, people will be able to choose from just 10 seconds all the way up to a whole day before their messages go poof.

Depending on the phone you and other people in your group are using, forwarding, copying, and taking a screenshot of messages will be completely disabled. On iPhones however, people will just get a notification when a screenshot is taken.

With the expanded functionality, Viber users can set messages in a group chat to disappear 10 seconds, one minute, one hour, or one day after being read, offering more options than with the disappearing message features of other apps. On devices using Android 6 or newer, Viber will completely disable forwarding, copying, or taking a screenshot of a message when the disappearing option is activated. For earlier versions of Android and all iOS users, group chat members will be automatically notified if any member takes a screenshot of a message set to disappear. The feature can be applied to any type of message, including photos and stickers.

All Viber personal and group chats are already end-to-end encrypted, making it one of the best iPhone options for people who want to be able to send secure messages to people on other devices — including Android.

Viber is available for download in the App Store now.

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