Sorry folks, iOS 15 disabling AMP in Safari is a bug — it’ll be back

What you need to know

  • A bug that prevented AMP search results in iOS 15 is being fixed by Google.
  • The bug doesn’t impact other versions of iOS.

Hopes that AMP was dead are dashed!

When reports began to swirl that Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) search results were no longer being displayed in Safari in iOS 15, people got excited that we might see the end of them. But no, it’s a bug — and AMP will be back soon enough.

AMP search results are what you tend to see when you search for something and tap through. The result isn’t always the website itself, but a Google version of it instead. It’s all done for a variety of reasons including speed, but the important part is that people hate it because sharing the URL means others get the AMP result as well, not the actual webpage. It’s easy to see why people were happy when they saw iOS 15’s Safari wasn’t being served AMP pages.

But don’t get too excited — it turns out this isn’t a feature but rather a bug, and Google’s already working on it.

There are of course other ways to get around the AMP situation. Some of the best Safari extensions let you disable AMP entirely, overwriting Google’s push towards their own pages and sending you to the proper URL instead.

The new Safari extensibility might be one of the best iPhone changes from the iOS 15 refresh yet, if only because it means I won’t accidentally share an AMP page with anyone anymore!

Apple’s iOS 15 update is available for download now, with iOS 15.0.1 already having been released to the public. Apple is testing iOS 15.1 with developers and those on the public beta program, too.

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