Apple Watch Series 7 configurations pop up on Amazon, still no pricing

What you need to know

  • Apple Watch Series 7 has appeared on Amazon’s website, but it’s still missing from
  • While the color and band options are available, no pricing has been offered up so far.

What’s going on with this Apple Watch launch?

With the Apple Watch Series 7 just a day away we’re still left wondering a few fundamental questions, not least which colors and bands will be on offer and in which combinations. Amazon has at least answered some questions for us, with both cellular and GPS models now up on the site β€” at least in Canada.

There’s still nothing on, though.

With new colors available as part of the Apple Watch Series 7 launch it’s handy to know what you’re looking for ahead of pre-orders going live at 8 am EST tomorrow which is why people are so keen for Apple to spill the beans. According to Amazon, those looking to get the new green aluminum watch will get a new clover sport band, while the red option comes with a new red band. Blue more your color? You’ll get a new abyss blue sport band instead. The starlight and midnight watches come with bands to match, too.

Tomorrow’s launch will give us the best Apple Watch Apple has ever made, but the launch is so far proving to be an odd one. As I wrote a few days ago, there’s something very strange about this whole launch β€” beginning with those rumors of a redesign that never happened and ending with the fact we still don’t know how much the new wearable will cost β€” unless you want a 41mm aluminum option, that is. That’ll cost you $399.

We’re already expecting supplies for this year’s Apple Watch to be constrained at launch β€” another reason it could have paid to be prepared ahead of the Apple Store coming back online for pre-orders tomorrow. Godspeed to everyone hoping to get their orders in!

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