Penedex is the fancy pen and ink tracker that all pen addicts need

What you need to know

  • Penedex is an app for tracking pens and ink so pen addicts always know what they have filled and are ready to go.
  • The app is free and available for iPhone and iPad.

Pens can be marked for cleaning and whatnot, too.

Fans of fountain pens need ink to use them with, but tracking all of that can be troublesome. Penedex is the answer because it makes it easier for pen addicts to keep tabs on which pens have which ink and so on. And it’s available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad right now.

Created by Connor Rose as a lockdown passion project, Penedex is an app that most people likely won’t need — but those who do will find it invaluable when filling, cleaning, and enjoying the pens and ink that they collect.

Penedex is an app built to easily keep track of your pen and ink collections. It also provides a simple way to keep track of what pens you currently have inked up. Penedex is built for iOS and iPad OS and allows you to quickly and easily manage your currently inked pens, identify which pens are ready for cleaning, and keep track of what pen and ink combinations you have used in the past. Organizing and cataloging your pen and ink collections has never been more straight forward!

While Penedex’s main focus is to allow people to track which pens and ink they have, the app can also track which combinations are in play. People can organize them by date and mark a pen as “ready for cleaning” when the time comes.

Ever wanted to see stats and metrics about your collection? Penedex has those, too!

The full rundown of features includes:

  • Create pen, ink, and EDC entries using the + button.
  • Keep track of your pen and ink combinations in the EDC tab.
  • Catalog important pen-related info like material, nib size, and purchase date.
  • Quantify your ink’s unique characteristics such as dry time, sheen, saturation, and flow metrics.
  • Penedex will automatically keep track of how many times you’ve used a specific ink or pen.
  • After you’ve cataloged an active pen and ink combination, you can easily mark it as “needs cleaning” or “cleaned” with a long press on the corresponding EDC entry.
  • All your previously inked pens are stored in the History section of the Stats tab, along with some basic metrics about your library.

Penedex is a free download from the App Store with limitations that are unlocked by the optional in-app purchase. Alternate app icons, a notes field for pen, ink, and EDC entries, and unlimited ink library entries are the main reasons to upgrade to Penedex Pro.

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