ActiveTab is an extension that clearly shows which Safari 15 tab is active

What you need to know

  • Safari 15’s tab layout can make it difficult to tell which is active.
  • A new Safari 16 extension makes it easier to tell which of your tabs is the active one by putting a strip of color beneath it.

Apple’s finding new ways to support developers.

Apple’s latest Safari 15 release is available for current macOS releases right now and will be shipped pre-installed on all macOS Monterey installations soon enough. And while the browser has improved since its early beta days, it still has its issues — like not being able to discern which tab is active when in the ‘Separate’ tab layout mode — the only mode anyone should be using!

Now, a new extension by the name of ActiveTab is here to save the day. Available from the App Store, the Safari 15 extension puts a custom bar of color beneath the tab that’s active, making it immediately obvious which that might be. Users can select how thick they want the bar to be and there’s an option to select from multiple different colors, too.

While it’s unfortunate that such an extension is necessary, I for one am glad that it exists. Safari 15 is still the best Mac browser for me, but those tabs still need work. This extension helps improve things considerably.

Anyone who wants to fix their Safari tabs can download Active Tab from the App Store for $1.99 right now. It’s worth every penny. If you still want greater differentiation from your tabs, be sure to disable the “Show color in tab bar” Safari option, too.

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