Steve Jobs wanted Dell to license Mac OS

Tuesday is the 10th anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing and industry heavyweights are sharing stories about the late tech guru, with one tidbit from Michael Dell revealing a potential deal that could have reshaped history.

Michael Dell and Steve JobsDell discussed his relationship with Jobs — and his upcoming memoir, “Play Nice But Win: A CEO’s Journey from Founder to Leader” — in an interview with CNET, saying that he first met the late Apple co-founder at a computer user group. While that information has been public knowledge for some time, Dell expounds on a business offer involving Jobs and Apple that has not been previously reported.According to Dell, he became friends with Jobs in the years after he solidified his company’s position as a leader in the PC industry. In 1993, Dell said that Jobs visited his house in Texas multiple times to pitch adoption of the Next operating system. Jobs created NeXT after being ousted from Apple, but the expensive workstation and its revolutionary operating system were not seeing the commercial success he expected.

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