Apple’s Tim Cook talks mental health and ‘mindless scrolling’

Mental health is a crisis, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared in an interview on a trip to New York, a discussion that covers the need for people to look after themselves, as well as Cook’s own ways to unwind.

Cook paid a visit to New York in early October, using the time at one point to meet to mental health app Shine’s co-founders Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey. As part of an interview centering on mental health, Cook used the conversation to promote the app, as well as expanding on the idea that people need to look after their mental health more.On the importance of promoting Shine, Cook starts by pointing out the app had won in Apple’s Best of the App Store awards in 2020. “And there probably wasn’t a year that would have made them more essential,” he told Bustle, with elements such as the murder of George Floyd and the pandemic “intersecting in such a way that no-one would have predicted.”

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