Apple Watch more popular than Rolex & iPhone dominant with teens

Ownership of iPhones among teenagers is high but could be higher, according to an analytics firm’s survey that continues to prove Apple is a highly-regarded and popular tech brand for all ages.

In the fall 2021 edition of Piper Sandler’s “Taking Stock with Teens” survey, the firm asked approximately 10,000 teenagers about their buying habits, aspirations, and the tech they use. The latest results show Apple is still a major brand in the minds of teenagers and young adults.In the survey, approximately 87% of respondents say they have an iPhone, a figure that’s just below the 88% record seen in the spring survey, but above the 86% observed in fall 2020. That figure is set to rise, as 88% say they have an intention to buy an iPhone, which itself is another record for the survey.

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