Apple Heart Study shows Apple Watch could detect multiple arrhythmia types

The Apple Watch is capable of detecting multiple types of arrhythmias, according to research stemming from the Apple Heart Study, with the wearable device able to determine more versions than the standard atrial fibrillation (AFib).

The Apple Watch Series 4 introduced a built-in ECG, allowing users to monitor their hearts for an irregular pulse. In research issued as part of the Apple-Stanford Medicine Apple Heart Study, it seems that the Apple Watch can detect a variety of different arrhythmias than first thought.The study, published in the American Heart Association Journal and first reported by MyHealthyApple, the Apple Watch’s irregular pulse detection algorithm has a positive predictive value of 0.84 for the identification of AFib in an initial analysis from November 2019. In a new second analysis, researchers examined participants of the Apple Heart Study that had received an ambulatory ECG patch after an index irregular pulse notification.

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