The myCharge MAG-LOCK charger sticks to an iPhone 13 and charges on the go

What you need to know

  • The myCharge MAG-LOCK is a new magnetic charger designed for iPhone 13.
  • Available in multiple capacities and colors, there’s a MAG-LOCK for everyone.

Just pick your color and capacity and off you go.

Apple’s iPhone 13 goes on sale tomorrow and anyone looking to get a battery pack for their new phone should consider the new myCharge MAG-LOCK wireless charger, if only because it comes in multiple colors and capacities.

Unlike similar chargers that have one capacity and maybe two colors, this thing comes in three different capacities and five different colors — perfect for matching with your iPhone color.

Charging is handled via a 5w wireless charging coil, while a USB-C port is also on offer. The capacities on offer are the standard 3,000mAh one while the middle of the road 6,000mAh option adds more bulk. The biggest of the lot will keep your iPhone running for days thanks to its 9,000mAh capacity but it’s also a pretty big bit of kit, too.

Oh, and there’s a video.

You can learn more about the myCharge MAG-LOCK over on the company’s website. Prices start at $49.99 and go all the way to $69.99 depending on the model you choose. Whether this is going to be one of the best iPhone battery packs you can buy remains to be seen, but it’s already a step ahead of most of the competition thanks to its color options!

Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup goes on sale tomorrow, so grabbing one of these in time for iPhone launch day isn’t going to happen, unfortunately. You’ll just have to use a boring charger while you wait for your bright red one to arrive, that’s all!

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