iPhone 13 Pro GPU benchmarks show 55% improvement over iPhone 12 Pro

Though Apple’s iPhone 13 models are not due to arrive in customer hands until Sept. 24, benchmark scores from the smartphone have surfaced and show the Apple’s A15 Bionic processor includes massive GPU improvements over iPhone 12 Pro’s A14 chip.

iPhone 13 ProGeekbench scores posted to the Geekbench Browser on Wednesday sees an “iPhone14,2,” thought to be an iPhone 13 Pro, running iOS 15 on an A15 system-on-chip achieve a Metal score of 14216. The result is a 55% improvement over the A14 in Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro, which posted a score of 9123, according to benchmarks submitted to Geekbench.The benchmark also reveals a RAM allotment of 5.56GB, which can be translated to 6GB given operational load, Geekbench algorithms and other considerations. That finding is confirms reports that iPhone 13 is outfitted with the same amount of memory as iPhone 12.

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