Apple’s customers grew increasingly attached to brand during COVID

Apple’s customers expressed an increasingly strong emotional attachment to the brand during the COVID-19 pandemic as they became more reliant on the company and its services, according to a new study.

Apple StoreMarket research firm MBLM released its “Brand Intimacy COVID Update” this week, revealing the effects COVID-19 had on 100 of the world’s largest brands. Apple retained its top spot achieved during the first pandemic study conducted last summer, building on key metrics to once again beat out e-commerce giant Amazon.Out of 3,000 U.S. consumers surveyed, 50% of users said they used Apple more during the pandemic. Apple was the only common brand to land in the top five of both male and female respondents. Interestingly, Apple topped the chart for women, who tend to lean toward a more diverse mix of industries than men. YouTube, Samsung and Apple placed first through third for the male demographic.

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