iPhone 14 to lose the notch, features titanium design, says Jon Prosser

Yes we know iPhone 13 isn’t here yet, just go with us on this one…

What you need to know

  • Jon Prosser has just leaked the iPhone 14, apparently.
  • He says the 2022 iPhone will feature no notch and a new titanium design.

Just days before Apple is slated to announce iPhone 13, serial Apple leaker Jon Prosser says that next year’s iPhone 14 will drop the notch completely and feature an all-new titanium design.

According to renders provided by Prosser based on information he has seen, next year’s iPhone will apparently see the end of the iPhone’s famous camera bump. Instead, it will just be thicker to hide the camera bump, and possibly provide for improved battery life. However, Prosser says he does not have information on the phone’s internals and that he has only seen the design of the device.

Prosser noted that the back of the phone will have a sheet of glass on the back, harkening back to the old iPhone 4 and 4S. That’s not the only feature making a comeback, as Prosser says the old iPhone volume buttons, the round ones, are making a comeback too.

The iPhone chassis surrounding the edge of the device will be reportedly made of Titanium, a big shift from aluminum.

Prosser says that Lightning will still be the go-to port underneath. The report also claims that Apple’s iPhone 14 will feature a hole-punch camera, with no notch at the top of the device for the first time since iPhone X, lining up with a previous report from Ming-Chi Kuo. However, Prosser stressed these renders and leaks are based on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, so this might not be the same on the rest of the lineup. The hole-punch camera will be housed under the display and still allow for Face ID. Unfortunately, the regular iPhone 14 might still have a notch, and given that this is a very early leak, there’s a lot that could change. According to Prosser, sources indicate that most of the design features will remain, however.

With iPhone 13 just days away, it sounds like Apple’s next iPhone could be an even bigger leap forward in terms of design. Jon Prosser doesn’t have a 100% record when it comes to Apple products, however, has previously accurately leaked to great detail the designs of Apple products including AirTag, and Apple’s AirPods Max.

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