New iPhone 13 MagSafe Charger pops up in FCC filings ahead of launch

What you need to know

  • Apple’s iPhone 13 is expected to be announced next week.
  • A new MagSafe Charger has been filed with the FCC.
  • The new MagSafe Charger lists four new iPhones, too.

It’s possible an updated MagSafe will feature improved magnets for a stronger hold.

With Apple now thought to be just days away from announcing the brand new iPhone 13, a new type of MagSafe Charger has worked its way through the FCC. The new charger lists “legacy iPhone” as well as four new, unannounced models, as being compatible.

Carrying FCC ID BCGA2548, the new charger is identified as a “Magnetic Charger, A2548,” but it isn’t possible to glean too much information from the filing itself. One aspect of note is the devices the charger will work with, though. Apple says that “legacy iPhone” will be good to go and it’s safe to assume they’re existing iPhone 12 models. But four unnamed “new iPhone” models are also mentioned. Reading between the lines, it seems likely that those iPhones are iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In terms of what makes the new MagSafe Charger actually new, we might have to wait and see. It’s possible that stronger magnets will be in play here, something that will be of benefit to things like the MagSafe Battery Pack more than the desktop charger, of course. The upcoming iPhone 13 handsets are also rumored to have improved magnets, too.

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Apple is expected to announce iPhone 13 within the next week or two, with Apple Watch Series 7 unlikely to be too far behind.

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