Germany wants iPhone, iPad updates and parts to be available for 7 years

What you need to know

  • Germany wants the EU to require iPhones and iPads have parts made available for seven years after they went on sale.
  • Seven years of security updates are also part of the plan.
  • The EU already has plans in motion, but with shorter timescales.

The EU is already keen to require parts to be made available for up to six years.

Germany wants Apple and other phone and tablet manufacturers to make parts and security updates available for a full seven years, according to a new report. This comes on the back of a similar initiative set out by the EU that would see phones have parts available for five years and tablets for six.

According to a Heise Online report, Germany’s plan is to ensure devices work for as long as possible to help cut down on electronic waste. The move would also mean that companies would need to offer spare parts at a “reasonable price” although German officials do not seem to want to set those prices themselves.

Translated via machine learning:

The Federal Government wants to work for strict environmental rules for smartphones and tablets in negotiations with the EU Commission. Spare parts and security updates should be available for seven years, explained a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Economics at the request of c’t. In addition, the spare parts should be provided “at a reasonable price”.

The EU plans to have its own requirements in place by 2023, with Germany hoping to convince it to go further than the recently announced proposals. If Germany can do that, this year’s iPhone 13 would likely have parts available into 2028 while receiving security updates throughout.

While Apple does tend to be one of the better companies in terms of offering security updates for older devices, the price of parts is another matter. This move would ensure that third-party repair shops can fix devices when they need to, at a price that users can afford.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment on Germany’s stance and will update this post if and when we receive one.

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