MagSafe Battery Pack Tidbits: Thickness, Weight, Charging Details, and More

Apple’s new MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 has started arriving to customers around the world, and as more people get their hands on the accessory, various tidbits have surfaced about its design and functionality.

Priced at $99 in the United States, the MagSafe Battery Pack attaches magnetically to the back of the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max, providing additional hours of battery life. Designed with hard plastic, Apple says the battery pack is able to wirelessly charge the iPhone at up to 5W on the go, or at up to 15W when the battery pack is connected to a 20W or higher power adapter with a Lightning to USB-C cable.

MacRumors readers have indicated the MagSafe Battery Pack is 11mm thick and weighs around 114 to 115 grams. As noted by Tommy Boi on Twitter, an iPhone 12 mini with the MagSafe Battery Pack attached weighs around 250 grams, which is heavier than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which weighs 228 grams on its own.

Steven Russell from Memphis, Tennessee confirmed the MagSafe Battery Pack cannot be charged with Apple’s MagSafe Charger or other Qi-based wireless charging pads. However, when attached to an iPhone 12 that is charging via Lightning, the ‌iPhone‌ can deliver power to the battery pack. The reverse wireless charging feature requires a 20W or higher power adapter and you can track both charging statuses on the Lock screen.

Russell also demonstrated that the MagSafe Battery Pack can wirelessly charge AirPods, but as expected, it cannot charge an Apple Watch.

The MagSafe Battery Pack is supported by iPhone 12 models running iOS 14.7, which was released yesterday, but multiple MacRumors readers have indicated that the battery pack is not yet supported by the latest iOS 15 beta.

A basic teardown of the MagSafe Battery Pack surfaced on Chinese social media platform Weibo, as shared by DuanRui on Twitter:

The MagSafe Battery Pack can be ordered on Apple’s online store in a white color and currently has a late July delivery estimate in the United States. Apple Store pickup is also available at selection locations starting today.

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