Instagram is working on a widget that helps you switch between accounts

What you need to know

  • Instagram is working on a new ‘Multiple Accounts’ widget for iOS.
  • The widget will help users dive into the account they want to faster.

Instagram is trying to figure out how to support multiple accounts even better.

A ton of people end up with multiple accounts on Instagram. From a personal to a public account to having different accounts for different interests, it’s quite easy to end up with multiple accounts on the social media service.

In a set of new screenshots from developer Alessandro Paluzzi, it appears that Instagram is turning to Apple’s new widgets as a way to make it easier to manage multiple accounts. Paluzzi has posted screenshots of a new ‘Multiple Accounts’ widget that would make it easier to hop into the account you want to without having to navigate to it within the app.

Paluzzi points out that it appears the company is testing out multiple versions of the widget. One appears to simply show the profile picture and username of the account, whereas others offer some additional functionality. One of the versions, in addition to showing the profile picture and username, displays the ability to send a message to another user. The other displays the link to hop straight into the camera.

Of course, these features are still in development so it is currently unclear if they will ever see a release and, even if they do, they could change drastically in terms of design and functionality. Still, it is nice to think that Instagram is embracing Apple’s widgets in new ways.

Apple originally introduced its new widgets as part of iOS 14 back in 2020, sparking a new revolution in widgets that is making its way into Android with Android 12 later this year.

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