Elago’s new AirTag case means you’ll never lose your Apple TV remote again

What you need to know

  • Elago has announced a new Apple TV remote case that also doubles up as an AirTag holder.
  • The R5 Locator Case means you’ll never lose your Apple TV remote again.

No more hunting for your remote.

Apple’s new Siri Remote, shipping with the Apple TV 4K and available as a standalone purchase, is pretty great. It fixes all of the problems we had with the old one – but it doesn’t support Find My. But you know what does? AirTags! Can you see where this is going?

Elago’s new R5 Locator Case fixes Apple’s mistake by not only putting the Siri Remote into a case that makes it more ergonomically appealing but also gives you somewhere to stash an AirTag, too.

Made of “premium silicone” and modeled after one of the most popular Siri Remote cases ever made, the new R5 Locator makes it easier to hold the remote while also making sure you’ll never lose it again.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why Apple didn’t build an AirTag into the new Siri Remote, but this case means you can do it yourself. Sure, it’ll mean buying an AirTag just for the job but there are always AirTag deals to be had, so that shouldn’t break the bank.

You can order your own elago R5 Locator Case right now and at just $14.99, it’s a bit of a bargain as well. I just wish it came in more colors – the black is cool and all, but I’d take a nice red if given the option.

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