TAG Heur takes on Apple Watch with a $2,150 Super Mario Smartwatch

What you need to know

  • TAG Heur has released a new smartwatch that’s Mario-themed.
  • The red and black watch will set buyers back a cool $2,150.

It’s a surprisingly good-looking bit of kit, too.

It’s fair to say that few people woke up this morning expecting to be lusting over a Mario-themed smartwatch from TAG Heur by lunchtime, but here we are. Unfortunately, it’ll cost you a cool $2,150 if you want to strap one of these things onto your wrist.

Nintendo isn’t normally one for sharing Mario with other companies, but it’s made an exception for this “long-term collaboration” that begins with a 2,000-unit run of Mario watches.

The $2,150 asking price is obviously going to throw a ton of people off and it’s the same price you’d pay for five Apple Watch Series 6 wearables, so there’s that. But I have to admit, I rather like this thing. It’s a looker, that’s for sure.

TechCrunch says the Google Wear OS-powered watch will run for around 20 hours without a charge while units will be available starting July 15.

The watch is, effectively, a redesigned version of the TAG Heuer Connected, a $2,000 Wear OS device that launched last April. The timepiece got high marks for design quality — as one would expect from the company. This version adds touches like a Mario “M” on the dial, red accents throughout and a matching red rubber strap (along with a black leather version).

Based on that, I’d pay the extra cash and get the Mario watch over the base Connected version, but that’s me. I won’t be buying either though — at 45mm, this is going to be on chonky boy indeed. Oh, and it’s more than two grand — if I was spending that kind of money on a watch, it’d have the Omega logo on it.

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