Setapp and Yac partner to launch the ultimate in remote work toolkits

What you need to know

  • Setapp and Yac have announced a partnership that creates a new collection of apps designed for remote workers.
  • The Yac Remote Work Pack is available for all Setapp users.

Five Yac apps are included in the new 15-app bundle.

App subscription service Setapp has announced a partnership with audio messaging platform Yac that sees five of its apps become part of a new Yac Remote Work Pack. Ten Setapp apps will also join the 15-app package.

Announced today, the new pack includes some big names in the world of Mac software as well as five new apps that Yac is bringing to the party.

Setapp, an independent app subscription service, announces its partnership with Yac, an audio first messaging platform, to provide the remote worker’s all-in-one productivity solution. Available in Setapp, Yac Remote Work Pack includes 15 popular tools — 5 by Yac and 10 from Setapp — to help teams working at home accomplish the most common tasks in the everyday workflow more efficiently: Newton, Bartender, Meeter, Paste, Filepane, Be Focused, ToothFairy, BetterZip, Gifox, Yoink, Ohtipi, Serenity, Backtrack, Sip, and Yac.

The new Yac Remote Work Pack is part of the new Setapp Collections, groups of apps that are designed to perform a specific function for users — in this case, make it easier to work from home.

The new Yac Remote Work Pack will be available to all Setapp subscribers — a service that runs $9.99 per month, with discounts available for annual, student, and family plans available.

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