Doodle God Universe arrives on Apple Arcade on Friday, July 16

What you need to know

  • Doodle God Universe arrives on Apple Arcade this coming Friday.
  • The game won’t have any in-app purchases or ads for gamers to deal with.

It’s time to build some worlds.

The hotly-anticipated Doodle God Universe is an Apple Arcade exclusive and it’ll be available to play this coming Friday, July 16.

Gamers can look forward to using four basic elements to create their world and from what I’ve seen this could be a big Apple Arcade winner. Friday can’t roll around soon enough! The game is joined by another big hitter in the shape of an Angry Birds game, too!

Hello, Creator. Welcome to the Cosmos!

You have four basic elements, an empty planet and plenty of time. Not that these are alone are enough to create the Universe. You will also have to use your intelligence and imagination as you combine air, water, fire and earth to create hundreds of new elements to make your planet come alive!

In this addictive puzzle & world building game mix and match different combinations of elements to create an entire universe. As you create each new element, watch your 3D planet come alive in amazing animation. But beware, the power of creation may have unintended consequences, inventing the wheel might just trigger a zombie plague or a powerful volcano.

Don’t worry, you are not alone on this cosmic journey! Every time you successfully create a new item you’ll be rewarded with the wit and wisdom of some of the greatest philosophers and comedians of all time.

Doodle God Universe will be playable on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV when it launches this week. You can pre-register in the App Store right now and the game will automatically download when it’s ready to rock.

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