All new Macs will reportedly benefit from a big FaceTime camera upgrade

What you need to know

  • All future Mac releases will reportedly benefit from 1080p cameras, allowing for better quality video calls.
  • As more people have been working from home, they’ve found their Mac’s built-in cameras lacking.

No more potato-cam video calls for new Mac buyers.

Apple is set to put new 1080p FaceTime cameras into all of its new Macs, increasing the resolution from the previous 720p parts. That’s according to a tweet by leaker DylanDKT following more criticism of Apple’s camera setups.

Following a YouTube video by Linus Tech Tips that mentioned how poor the cameras are in current laptops, the leaker took to Twitter to agree — but also to point out that all future Macs will come with Apple’s new 1080p FaceTime camera built in. Apple already offers a 1080p camera, but only in the iMac lineup. We’ve been hearing rumors that one will be part of a refreshed MacBook Pro lineup as well.

The quality of Apple’s FaceTime cameras has come into question a lot over the last 18 months as people have been forced to work from home more due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People who previously didn’t need to use the camera built into their Macs were all of a sudden relying on them for meetings and other video calls — only to find that the quality was lacking. Apple looks set to make changes in that regard, although it won’t happen before many people have already been told to return to the office.

Apple’s M1 iMac already has the new camera system and is said to offer much-improved video capabilities. It could be a good option for anyone who is buying a Mac right now and wants the upgraded cameras so be sure to check out our collection of the best iMac deals and bag yourself a bargain in the process.

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