Review: Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Chair is a healthy option

I never thought that a chair ought to be monitoring my health, but Nexvoo aims to do just that.

Nexvoo’s Health Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Chair is more than a comfortable place to sit. It has a button in the armrest that can measure your blood oxygen level and heart rate variability. You can view your results in an app, which also offers you health advice based on the findings.

The chair itself is one of the best ergonomic office chairs I’ve tried, with a firm and supportive foam seat and breathable mesh back. There is a headrest and adjustable lumbar support. The seat portion is adjustable forward and back, as well as up and down. You can lean back in the chair and even lock it in a reclined position if you wish. The five wheels on the bottom let you move around with ease.

Bottom line: This ultra-comfortable office chair has a bonus feature: health monitoring.

The Good

  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Flexible adjustments
  • Health monitor button

The Bad

  • Pricey
  • Unsure about medical advice

$499 at Nexvoo

Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Chair: Price and availability

You can purchase the Health Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Chair on Nexvoo’s website. There are plans to sell it on Amazon at some point, but it’s not sold anywhere else as of this writing. The chair is available in Black, as seen in my photos, and Blue. Both colors sell for $499.

Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Chair: What’s good

I find this chair extremely comfortable. The other day, I decided (unwisely) to do some work on my laptop while sitting on the couch. After a while, my back started protesting, letting me know that it would go “out” on me if I continued working that way. I immediately switched back to my Nexvoo chair, and my back felt better immediately. Disaster narrowly averted.

All-day comfort plus health monitoring equals a winner.

I like that there are so many ways you can adjust this chair, which can move in any direction. Raise the whole chair up and down with the back lever on the right. The front lever on the right lets you move the seat forward and back. A lumbar support bar on the back of the chair can be raised and lowered so you can place it in the perfect spot for your comfort. The armrests can be raised and lowered, as well as angled in and out.

On the left, you’ll find a lever that lets you lean pretty far back and even lock it into a reclined position. Unfortunately, I initially got it stuck in the reclined position, so here’s a tip: to get it back up, you have to lean back even more while pressing down on the lever. That unlocks it so you can bring it back up.

Nexvoo Chair

Free on the App Store

The chair measures your blood oxygen level, and heart rate variability; the app tells you the results and offers medical advice based on those results.

I think it’s a cool concept that the Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Chair can help monitor your health. But, of course, it is not a substitute for your medical professional! Since my Apple Watch Series 6 records both blood oxygen and heart rate, I tested both against the chair’s measurement. I found the results to be about the same for both devices, so I think it’s probably fair to say that the chair’s results are fairly accurate.

Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Chair: What’s not good

The price will probably put many people off. It’s a lot to spend on a chair, especially when it’s an unfamiliar brand.

I believe the blood oxygen and heart rate measurements are fairly accurate since they match my Apple Watch’s measurements. However, I’m not too certain about the advice given in the app. For example, when I measured my heart rate this morning, the app told me I might have symptoms of mild fatigue (yawning, sleepy, and unable to concentrate) and recommended I take a break. But I didn’t feel fatigued, I wasn’t yawning or having trouble concentrating, and I was actually starting my workday. It hardly felt like the time for me to take a break! So I would take that advice with a grain of salt. But, again, discuss any health concerns with a medical professional.

Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Chair: Competition

I actually own and use three different office chairs. I love the Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair and find it comfortable and ergonomic, similar to the Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Chair. Of course, the Aloria doesn’t have the health monitoring feature. I find the Aloria seat to be softer, while the Nexvoo is more firm. It’s a matter of preference which you’d like better. Both are supportive and made well. The Aloria’s headrest is removable (and optional), while the Nexvoo’s is not.

A less-expensive option is the Oak Hollow Valera Series Office Chair. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of the other two, such as a headrest or lumbar support. Still, it’s a nice comfortable and ergonomic office chair I really like.

Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Chair: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if …

  • You want a firm, supportive, comfortable, and ergonomic office chair
  • You want flexibility and adjustment options
  • You want health monitoring

You shouldn’t buy this if…

  • It’s out of your budget
  • You don’t need the bells and whistles
  • You don’t want medical advice from your chair

If you’re looking for an office chair with a whole host of features, both expected (firm supportive seat, lumbar support, headrest, adjustability) and unexpected (blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring), this is the chair for you. However, if you really don’t need or want all those bells and whistles, this chair probably isn’t going to be worth the money for you.

out of 5

I find this chair quite comfortable, and I don’t get a sore back or backside while I work in it. The seat cushion is firm and supportive. The adjustable lumbar support feels amazing on my back. The headrest and adjustable armrests are great for those moments when I’m not typing. The reclining (and locking) back is perfect for relaxing, disengaging, or thinking. Being able to adjust the seat up and down as well as forward and back is nice too. The health monitor button, which measures my blood oxygen and heart rate variability, is a nice feature. Since the results match my Apple Watch, I feel the measurements are probably pretty accurate. However, I’m not too sure about the app’s advice since it told me to take a break when starting my workday! So I wouldn’t necessarily call this chair a good value, and I wouldn’t buy it for the health monitoring, but it does feel like a premium office chair.

Bottom line: Get ergonomic comfort, adjustability, and health monitoring in this deluxe office chair.

$499 at Nexvoo

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