Delhi seizes 90 imported iPhones falsely marked as ‘garments’ on paperwork

What you need to know

  • Delhi officials seized 90 iPhone 12 Pro devices that were incorrectly declared as garments on import paperwork.
  • The iPhones had been imported from Dubai.

Trying to avoid import duty is big business.

90 iPhone 12 Pro devices have been seized by Delhi customs officers after they were incorrectly marked as garments on paperwork. They were only discovered after an X-ray operator spotted them when scanning three consignments at a Delhi airport.

The 90 iPhones were reportedly worth Rs.1 cr, or around $134,000. Marking the iPhones as garments would have allowed their importation without the need to pay the required fees — or that was the idea. Now that they’ve been seized nobody is getting their iPhones, savings or not.

Electronics like iPhones are notoriously costly in India and importing products via Dubai in this manner is one way that some attempt to get around that problem. It isn’t the first time a shipment like this has been in the news of late, either. Just last month two men were arrested as they tried to smuggle 80 iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max handsets into the country.

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