Apple takes control of Mobeewave’s URL a year after buying the company

What you need to know

  • Apple has taken control of the domain name.
  • Apple bought the payments company last year and brought all of its employees in-house.

Mobeewave worked on tech that allowed phones to receive payments via NFC.

Apple has taken control of the domain a year after it bought the company. The move means that the webpage now directs to Apple’s servers, although the website doesn’t load and will likely stay that way unless Apple redirects it to a new feature or product page in the future.

The updated WHOIS data was first spotted by MacRumors and is another step along the way of Apple’s assimilation of MobeeWave. The payments company had previously demonstrated the ability for a phone to receive a payment via a card just by touching the two together. Apple’s offering of Apple Cash makes it obvious why this could be useful, potentially allowing people to receive payments without the need for a card terminal like those offered by Square.

The entire MobeeWave team now works for Apple but remains at its previous Canadian HQ. It isn’t known what Apple plans to do with the company’s technology or when it will make its move, but you have to imagine it’s related to Apple Cash and Apple Pay.

Apple Cash and Apple Pay are supported by all of Apple’s latest devices and that will include the upcoming iPhone 13, too. Apple is expected to announce the new device this coming September, although a release date has yet to be confirmed. Until that happens, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for iPhone deals lest you miss out on a bargain.

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