Twitter is working to let users host and speak in Spaces on the web

What you need to know

  • Twitter appears to be working on new features for Spaces on the web.
  • Users are currently limited to the iOS and Android app when hosting or speaking in a Space.
  • The company appears to be working to bring those features to the web app.

Spaces is making its way all over the place.

It looks like Twitter is trying to make Spaces a first-class experience on the web.

As spotted by 9to5Mac, web developer Nima Owji has posted a screenshot of Spaces on the web. While users have been able to tune in to a Space on the web since May, they have never been able to host or speak in a Space using Twitter’s web app. According to Owji’s screenshot, that appears to be something Twitter wants to solve.

It appears that Owji has uncovered that Twitter is working to allow users to host a Space from the Twitter web app. This would enable users to not only speak in a Space but also host a Space on the web.

“You wish you could talk when you join a Twitter Space using the web app?! Twitter is working on it!”

Twitter users who have wanted to host or speak during a Space currently have to do so through the company’s iOS or Android app. While users on the web are able to tune in to and listen to a Space, they currently cannot speak or host a Space that way.

Twitter Spaces has slowly grown since their original launch on iOS and Android. They’re one of now many competitors to Clubhouse, the app that originally grew in popularity for the idea of live audio spaces.

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