macOS Monterey Automatically Resizes Windows Moved to a Secondary Display

Apple announced macOS Monterey this week, and one small but convenient feature that went unmentioned during the WWDC keynote is automatic window resizing.

As explained on the macOS Monterey features page, windows now automatically resize when they are moved from a Mac’s built-in display to a secondary display, including an external monitor, another Mac, or an iPad using Sidecar.

This feature should prove to be particularly useful when moving windows between a smaller MacBook display and a larger external monitor.

Another new window management feature in macOS Monterey is the option to display the menu bar at all times when an app is in full-screen mode, making it easy to view an app’s various menus and other glanceable information at any time.

macOS Monterey is available now in beta for developers, with a public release likely to occur at some point between September and November.

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