HBO Max gets its native Apple TV video player back

What you need to know

  • HBO Max has rolled a new update out to its Apple TV app, fixing a problem that prevented people from paying and seeking video.
  • The issue arose because HBO Max used a custom video player.

Let that be a lesson to everyone – native video players only.

HBO Max has released an updated version of its Apple TV app that brings back the native tvOS 14 video player. A previous version used a custom video player that prevented users with the Siri Remote from being able to pause video, among other things.

Those other things were pretty important, actually. fast-forwarding and rewinding video are just two of the vital interactions that simply didn’t work.

The new update does away with the custom HBO Max video player, bringing back the standard video player that works just fine. It isn’t clear why HBO Max decided to change things in the first place or why its custom interface wouldn’t work with the remote –– a vital part of the Apple TV 4K experience, to say the least.

The issue had been ongoing for a few days and it was so bad HBO executive Andy Foressell had to apologize. promising a fix was on the way.

Now it’s here, we can all go back to watching content and browsing the best Apple TV 4K deals.

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