HBO Max App Update for Apple TV Brings Back Native Video Player

HBO Max has updated its Apple TV app to fix problems with its video playback interface that came to the fore last week following its introduction of a custom video player.

The new update reinstates the native tvOS video player UI, which means users should no longer face the issues with fast-forwarding and rewinding video that the custom player was seemingly responsible for.

“We just released an update to our ‌Apple TV‌ app, restoring the native tvOS video playback experience you know and love, with more improvements to come,” HBO Max announced in a tweet. “Ensuring HBO Max viewers have a quality experience is our top priority and we missed the mark here. Thank you for your patience.”

As pointed out by The Verge, some users on the HBO Max subreddit are still reporting some other issues to do with subtitles and thumbnail previews after updating, but the general consensus is that reverting to the native video player interface has made the app a lot more responsive to ‌Apple TV‌ Siri Remote inputs.

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