iOS 15 expands ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ to Siri requests on iPhone

Apple’s “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature will expand its scope in iOS 15, with the alternative authentication soon to be used to enable Siri device requests.

Apple WatchA solution born out of necessity during the coronavirus pandemic, “Unlock with Apple Watch” first appeared in iOS 14.5 as an augmentation to Face ID that enabled users to unlock iPhone while wearing a mask. With a paired, password-protected and unlocked Apple Watch, users are able to authenticate and access their device when Face ID detects a face covering.The verification technology is expanding with iOS 15. As spotted by 9to5Mac, “Unlock with Apple Watch” in iOS 15 will also apply to Siri requests such as adjusting phone settings or reading messages. Currently, users must confirm ownership of a device via Face ID, Touch ID or passcode before conducting such operations.

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