Apple’s Chinese wind power partner linked to Uyghur forced labor programs

A wind farm company in China that has partnered with Apple has allegedly been linked to the use of forced labor of Uyghurs from the Xinjiang region, increasing the number of companies said to be involved with the repression.

A report in May claimed a group of seven suppliers involved in the Apple supply chain were participants in labor programs thought to be connected to the Chinese genocide of Xinjiang Uyghurs. In a second report on Tuesday, it seems one more company has been added to the list.Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology is a major manufacturer of wind turbines, has been accused of taking advantage of the labor programs. The investigation by the Tech Transparency Project into the relatively secretive operations of the producer uncovered supposed evidence from local government posts in 2016 that a factory in Xinjiang was in talks to receive “labor export” from Hotan Prefecture, 500 miles away from the factory.

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