iPadOS 15: Everything you need to know

Apple has just announced iPadOS 15 at WWDC. Here are all the deets.

Apple has just announced the next iteration of software for iPad at WWDC 2021, iPadOS 15. This was expected, and it’s a game-changer, considering that this is software that allows the latest iPad Pro (2021) with M1 chip to run at its full potential. iPadOS 15 brings with it plenty of brand new features (especially to take advantage of M1 iPads), changes, and improvements to the software.

Here is everything we know about iPadOS 15 so far.

Widgets and App Library

Home screen widgets are now available on the iPad. You can place widgets anywhere on the Home screen, just like how it was introduced in iOS 14. There is now also a larger format widget size that is designed specifically for the larger display of the iPad. There are some new widgets as well, including a Game Center and Find My widget and more.

The App Library is also finally on the iPad as well, and is even available from the Dock. You can hide and reorder app paages too, just like on the iPhone.


Big changes are coming to the iPad in terms of multitasking. Apple has made it easier to discover, easier to use, and even more powerful than ever before.

You will now have a control at the top of every app, which appears as three little dots that will bring down the different windowing options. Now, when you slide a window over, it will open the Home screen, so you can pick another app to go next to it. This includes windows from apps that support multiple windows.

There is also a shelf that shows all open windows at the bottom. You can swipe your apps down to this shelf — essentially, it saves windows to a different zone. You can also drag apps on top of each other in the multitasking view to create new split views.

For those who are using keyboards with their iPads, there are new keyboard shortcuts for accessing all of these new multitasking features too.


Notes is now aimed for better collaboration and organization. You can @ mention someone so that they are notified. An Activity view lets you check on all of the changes made to a note while you were away. And there are now #tags, making it easier to organize everything in your notes.

Quick Note is now a thing as well. You can get to a note from pretty much anywhere by swiping up from the bottom right of the screen with your stylus. If you have an app already open, Quick Note can include info from that app in your note. It uses intelligence to determine this. Quick Notes will only be available on iPadOS and Mac, but you can edit these from iOS later. Quick Note can be minimized and open links in the background.


Translate is making its way to iPadOS 15. With Translate, you will now have Auto Translate, which can detect who is speaking and in what language, all without having to tap a button. We are also getting system-wide translation in text.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is an app that lets you learn how to code and build apps, right on the iPad itself. It works with Xcode on Mac. In iPadOS 15, there is now better code completion, and you can even submit your iOS and iPadOS apps directly from the Swift Playgrounds app, without ever having to use a Mac. This is a big deal.

Are you hyped for iPadOS 15?

We are super excited for everything that iPadOS 15 has in store for our iPads, especially the iPad Pro (2021) with the insanely powerful M1 chip. We’ll definitely be getting our hands on the betas to put it through its paces before the final release in the fall.

Are you excited for iPadOS 15? Let us know in the comments.

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