HomePod mini can be set as default speaker for Apple TV 4K in tvOS 14

Starting in the fall of 2021, HomePod mini will be able to be set as the default speakers for your Apple TV 4K.

A feature previously relegated to the full-sized HomePod, Apple is now bringing default output support to HomePod mini. As it stands, HomePod mini acts like any AirPlay 2 speaker with your Apple TV and would not always stay connected, leaving users to constantly have to reconnect. HomePod could be set as the default, but now that Apple has discontinued it, it left new users without an option.Apple will be fixing that with multiple software updates rolling out this fall for both Apple TV 4K as well as HomePod mini. Apple will be relying on computation audio to set a sole HomePod mini or a stereo pair as the default audio output for any Apple TV content.

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