Apple reveals watchOS 8 — here’s what you need to know

watchOS 8 revealed at WWDC 2021 — here’s what you need to know.

Apple reveals watchOS 8 at WWDC 2021. The new Apple Watch software will be the operating system likely powering the best Apple Watch models for the next year at least. The Apple Watch has long been one of Apple’s most important devices as they have designed it with more health and safety features in mind over the years. There’s some cool new stuff coming to Apple Watch with watchOS 8, so here’s what you need to know!

New watch faces

Apple always cooks up some new and interesting watch faces for the newest version of watchOS, here’s a quick breakdown of the new watch faces coming to watchOS 8.

Portrait watch face

This allows you to take your Portrait Mode photos and make watch faces out of them that actually have depth to them. You can rotate the Digital Crown to “move” through the photos foreground and background.

What’s the Mindfulness app?

Many people have been clamouring for Apple to include some features to help with stress and the new Mindfulness app now gives you a space to do that.

Reflect will gives you the opportunity to reflect of questions or statements to help you practice mindfulness anytime you want. Your Apple Watch will then show an calming animation to help you concentrate and focus. Breathe also has a new look and easier to follow animation, letting you more easily to take a few minutes to breathe through the day.

What’s new in Sleep app? Sleep respiratory rate.

Sleep will now track your sleep respiratory rate. Overtime, your sleep respiratory rate should be pretty stable overtime, meaning any sudden changes could indicate an issue.

If your Apple Watch notices your sleep respiratory rate has any major changes, it will notify you directly on your iPhone Hime screen via the Health app.

Artist spotlight in Fitness+

Music is a huge part of the Fitness+, there’s now going to be Artist spotlight in Fitness+ that will have different types of workouts all set to music form a certain artist.

Run on the treadmill with Lady Gaga motivating you along. No exact launch information or which artists will be included was revealed.

When does watchOS 8 release?

The launch of the developer beta for watchOS 8 is TBA right now, and the same goes for the any potential public beta.

The official release of watchOS 8 will likely be coming sometime this fall, likely in late September, when the new Apple Watch model(s) are released.

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