Someone used MagSafe to fish an iPhone 12 Pro out of a canal

What you need to know

  • Someone was able to use a magnetic fishing rod to grab a strike iPhone 12 Pro from the bottom of a canal.
  • The retrieved iPhone works fine but the same can’t be said for a Nintendo Switch that was found during the same rescue mission.

MagSafe to the rescue.

Apple’s MagSafe is a cool way to charge your iPhone but did you know it can be used to go fishing, too? Well, it can – so long as you’re fishing for iPhones, that is.

The story goes that an iPhone 12 Pro fell into a German river with initial searches finding nothing but a waterlogged Nintendo Switch. But then, as Apple Insider notes in its report, the idea to fashion a magnetic fishing rod was formed. And it went way better than some of us might have hoped.

A fishing road and line was produced, with a magnet attached to the end. It was lowered into the canal in the same area the iPhone was dropped in, and was able to attach to the magnets on the back used for MagSafe charging.

Here’s the fishing rod thing in action.

Amazing scenes. The working iPhone was retrieved and allow as right with the world. Or at least, right within that little corner of Germany.

MagSafe is available on iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max right now and will presumably have a part to play in future iPhones as well.

Unfortunately, all this means we’re going to need to update our list of the best MagSafe accessories available – it’s going to need a fishing rod adding to those chargers and cases, isn’t it?!

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