Apple Maps looks set to bring ‘Look Around’ to Poland as mapping begins

What you need to know

  • Apple has updated its Apple Maps Look Around page to include Poland.
  • People are seeing the camera cars driving around the country.

Giving Google Street View a run for its money.

Apple Maps looks set to get Look Around support in Poland after people began seeing camera cars driving around the country. Apple also recently updated its Apple Maps website to include Look Around support for Poland.

Initially spied by MacRumors, the updated page and newly-spotted cars suggest that it won’t be too long before Look Around begins to become available to those in Poland. Apple has confirmed that the “vehicle ground-based research” of the country will continue through August at least.

Apple Maps Look Around gives users the chance to see places in a 3D world before visiting. That can be hugely beneficial in a number of ways, not least to someone who wants to be able to get a feel for a new spot before taking a trip.

Look Around is a wonderful tool and it’s best enjoyed on a large screen. That means that iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best iPhone for the job, although Apple Maps obviously functions just fine on any modern device – including iPads and Macs.

You can find more information bout which features are and are not available in specific countries over on Apple’s website, too.

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