One McDonalds is offering a free iPhone to entice new employees

Want a free iPhone with your Happy Meal? Work here!

What you need to know

  • One McDonalds franchise is offering a free iPhone to new employees.
  • It’s unclear what model of iPhone the employee will receive.

McDonalds is really outdoing their own Happy Meals with this one.

Someone on Twitter posted a photo of a McDonalds that apparently is offering a free iPhone to new employees. The user, Bragard, took a photo of a local McDonalds hiring flyer and posted it to Twitter with the comment “LMFAO G MCDONALDS IS STARVING.”

The photo shows that it is offering a free iPhone to new employees that meet the following requirements:

  • You need to be employed for at least 6 months
  • You must meet the “employment criteria”

The post has been liked over two hundred thousand times and retweeted over thirty-five thousand times.

Many people in the comments have pointed out that the flyer does not specify exactly what the franchise owner means when they say “employment criteria.” The lack of specificity there does make some wonder if the requirements might be really difficult or impossible to meet.

The flyer also does not state exactly what model of iPhone or condition you will receive if you meet both criteria.

I don’t want to get TOO into the weeds here, so naturally, let’s look at the iPhone pictured in the flyer. The iPhone in the flyer also makes me question just how much of a benefit this would be for a new employee. The last time Apple released an iPhone with a white front is the iPhone 8. Those models, of course, are no longer available as new and, at best, would be available as certified refurbished which currently go for around $200-$300. So, a new worker would be looking at a $300 value at best if the flyer reflects the phone that they would receive.

Of course, the franchise owner could be offering a new iPhone. But, if they are, they might want to update that flyer with the current design language of the iPhone. It’s only been around since 2017!

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