Twitter prepping $2.99 a month ‘Twitter Blue’ subscription service

What you need to know

  • Twitter is apparently prepping a new subscription service called Twitter Blue.
  • The service would cost $2.99 and include Undo Tweet and bookmarking functions.
  • It would reportedly be a part of a tiered subscription offering from Twitter.

Twitter has recently been rumored to be spinning up a paid subscription offering, and it now appears that we have a name for this new service, thanks to researcher Jane Manchun Wong. Called “Twitter Blue,” this service will apparently offer features such as Undo Tweets and Bookmark collections, both of which Wong had references to in previous research.

Wong detailed some of her findings on Twitter, including the price of $2.99 per month.

As Wong herself has previously noted, the Undo Tweet function would put a short timer on a tweet that would count down after you hit send and give you time to prevent the Tweet from being sent at all. Meanwhile, bookmark collections would let you save tweets to a collection to make them easier to find.

Wong also revealed that Twitter is apparently working on a tiered subscription service, of which the $2.99 Twitter Blue would only be a part. Scroll will be a part of a higher-priced tier. When Twitter acquired Scroll early last week, it was mentioned then that the service would later be part of Twitter’s subscription offerings. I guess we now have a better idea of what those will look like.

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