Questionable rumor claims ‘AirPods 3’ to launch alongside ‘Apple Music HiFi’ next week

A highly suspect rumor claims Apple is set to unveil a revamped entry-level AirPods product on May 18, and a lossless Apple Music streaming tier could be in tow.

AirPods 3Without citing sources, YouTuber Luke Miani in a tweet on Thursday claims Apple’s third-generation AirPods will debut next Tuesday. In a statement to AppleTrack, he added that the earbuds could launch alongside a so-called “Apple Music HiFi” service. Both products will reportedly be announced in a press release.Miani has no track record in predicting Apple releases, though his YouTube channel does cover the company and rumors surrounding future products. AppleTrack previously nailed AirPods Max’s launch date a day before the headphones were revealed.

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