Find My and iCloud Mail are having issues right now

Apple confirmed the issues on the Apple Support System Status page.

What you need to know

  • Find My and iCloud Mail are experiencing issues right now.
  • iCloud Contacts and signing into iCloud are also affected.

If you are having issues with Find My or iCloud Mail, you aren’t alone.

Apple has confirmed that a number of its services are currently experiencing “issues.” The company has updated its System Status page on the Apple Support website to show which services have been affected. As of this article’s writing, the current services experiencing a problem are the following:

  • Find My
  • iCloud Account & Sign In – Issue
  • iCloud Contacts – Issue
  • iCloud Mail – Issue

Apple has not said exactly what kind of “issues” are happening with the services, but users could expect performance problems, connectivity issues, or problems logging in.

We’ll be sure to update this article once Apple has announced that the issues have been resolved.

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