Apple’s & Facebook tensions span a decade, reveals Epic ‘Fortnite’ trial emails

Emails between Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs and other executives over Facebook have surfaced as part of Epic’s lawsuit, with the messages showing tensions between the pair existed as early as 2011.

The ongoing tensions between Facebook and Apple are well known, and have recently erupted in the public fight over Apple’s App Tracking Transparency. However, emails raised as part of Apple’s lawsuit with Epic Games show the two companies didn’t see eye to eye a decade ago.In a thread of emails between Steve Jobs, Scott Forstall, and Phil Schiller from July 2011, Forstall said he had spoken to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the Facebook app for iPad, reports CNBC. Forstall explained to Zuckerberg that “embedded apps” weren’t to be included in the iPad app, whereas the Facebook CEO said it was part of “the whole Facebook experience.”

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