Twitter Opens Spaces to All Users with More Than 600 Followers

Beginning on Monday, Twitter will enable anyone with more than 600 followers on its platform to host Spaces, its version of the audio room network Clubhouse.

Announced via a blog post, Twitter says that its decision to open up the functionality to users above 600 followers came following feedback from Twitter users and the community. Spaces originally launched last year, and since, only certain Twitter users have had access to the feature.

Today, we’re bringing the ability to host a Space to all accounts with 600 or more followers on Twitter. Based on what we’ve learned so far, these accounts are likely to have a good experience hosting live conversations because of their existing audience.

Twitter in March said that Spaces would be available to everyone by April, and with that timeframe now passed, the company says it wants to learn, and hear more from users before it officially switches the feature on for all users.

Before bringing the ability to create a Space to everyone, we’re focused on learning more, making it easier to discover Spaces, and helping people enjoy them with a great audience.

Alongside the wider pool of users with access to Spaces, Twitter also revealed that it is working on the ability for users to pay for tickets to attend Spaces as a way to monetize the feature. Twitter says it will only take a “small amount” of commission from the ticket sales.

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